Jun 18, 2021

Reading List for June 18-20


  • New jobless claims reversed the streak of declines this week, and continuing claims remained the same. (Yahoo Finance)
  • The Washington Post dug deep into BLS and other data to see which industries were experiencing a labor shortage, versus the tight labor market that is more generally the experience across the board.
  • (Slate) provides a more detailed and nuanced examination of the current inflation picture.
  • The Federal Reserve Banks’ Open Market Committee met this week and announced no changes. The bigger story is in the details, as the outlook has changed. (BankRate)
  • May retail sales fell 1.3% as Americans spend less on goods (and more on services). Certain product shortages contributed to the decline as well. (AP News) And PPI and manufacturing output both increased. (Reuters)
  • It may be that shipping issues are a big reason we see shortages and high prices for many goods. (NPR)



  • “If you’re trading like it’s a game, you’re probably going to lose.” Do those who invest (play) in meme stocks need to be protected from themselves? (Vox)
  • The Dow may end this week down five days in a row for the first time since January. (CNBC)
  • Ben Carlson (A Wealth of Common Sense) argues the bull market may hang on for a while and discusses how one might handle it.
  • It is not your imagination. Home equity jumped 13% from March of 2020 to March of 2021. (Stocks were up 61% over the same period.) (WaPo)


Digital Currency

  • Politico discusses the Fed’s exploration of creating a digital dollar. The article explains the benefits (and risks), the potential impact on banks, and the political steps that would have to be taken to make this happen.



  • The pandemic led many to retire earlier than they originally planned. The decision to retire is (and should be) about more than the financials. (Investment News)


Student Loans

  • The Department of Education is quietly granting relief to those borrowers hurt by for-profit colleges. (AP News)



  • 40% of Americans say that online shopping has ruined their budgets.   Learn how to avoid that problem. (Business Wire)



  • MacKenzie Scott continues to give sizeable donations to a wide range of organizations. ( Axios) 



  • Read five of the college essays submitted to the NYT this year that touch on money and finances.

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