Reading List for March 19-21

Mar 19, 2021
Economics, Investing, Budgeting, Taxes, Career, Financial Literacy



  • Retail sales fell in February. Was it the cold? Or did folks run through their stimulus money in January. (CNN)
  • Weekly unemployment were back up slightly from last week. Read about new and continuing claims from AP.
  • Fed FOMC met this week and will likely keep rates at or near zero until 2023 and expects GDP growth to hit 6.5% this year. (AP, Yahoo Finance)
  • Trying to remember how the Federal Reserve Bank handled the impending financial crisis a year ago? Here is a good recap. (NYT)



  • SPACs are all the rage in the investing world right now, raising more money in the first quarter than in all of 2020. (Reuters)
  • Can you explain what a SPAC is? Read this for some help. (NYT)



  • Amazon is now the number one clothing retailer in the US. MarketWatch
  • Did you get your stimulus check yet? If not, how to find out when you will get it. (WaPo)


  • The deadline to file your federal income tax return has been pushed out. Here are the details with relevant links from the IRS.
  • The New York Times Sunday devoted most of its business section to tax articles. Here is one with the warnings about remote work last year.



  • So many people have been working remotely during the pandemic.
    • What has it been like? (WCPN)
    • When will people go back to the office? Ford announced it will be flexible with the 86,000 employees still working from home. (CNBC)
    • Will they go back? Forbes paints a picture of the future of remote work.
  • Cautionary tale for teens: your current social media persona may come back to haunt you in your professional life: Teen Vogue editor ousted over 10-year old tweets. (CNN)


Higher Ed

  • The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the admissions process this year, with lots of interesting statistics.


Financial Literacy

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta publicly supports financial education as a way to increase financial inclusion.
  • The American Bankers Association announced the eight finalists of its annual student video competition. This press release gives you the link if you want to watch the final competition on Instagram or check out last year’s winners on the ABA site.

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