Labor Day Weekend Reading List

Sep 04, 2020
Financial Literacy, Economics, Investing

Financial Literacy



  • Experts from the Economist answer questions about the pandemic and impact of stimulus measures in the US. (Warning, these experts necessarily discuss politics but in a neural, factual sense.)
  • Government debt will surpass GDP for the first time since 1946 (WWII)! (NPR)
  • The payroll tax deferment is causing lots of confusion. You don’t have to pay now, pay will have to pay double later? (NPR)
  • Like most everything happening during this pandemic, the coin shortage in the US is like no other in history. (WaPo)
  • Here is everything you need to know about the eviction moratorium. Bottom line is, you will owe back rent once it ends. And what happens to landlords? (Fox Business)
  • The unemployment dropped to 8.4% in August, with monthly gains buoyed by Census hiring. There are still 11.5 million jobs lost in the pandemic that have not returned. (Yahoo Finance)
  • Weekly unemployment claims are not being reported using a different methodology, and can’t be compared to previous numbers. (NYT)
  • Ever heard of a "K-shaped" recovery?  This is what it means. (CNBC)
  • On a similar note, the pandemic has created a group of super savers--those with money are saving more than ever. (The Atlantic)



  • Can Robo-Advisors replace human financial advisors? (Seeking Alpha)
  • The latest on TikTok and other Chinese technology. (CNBC)
  • In spite of the pandemic, 2020 may prove to be the best year for IPOs since 1999. (Reuters)
  • Prepared in honor of his 90th birthday, here is Warren Buffet’s infinite wisdom boiled down into a ninety-second snippets on a variety of topics. (Forbes)
  • Here is an interesting look at the history of GoPuff, started in 2013, and how the pandemic has propelled it onto another plane. (Forbes)
  • The Motley Fool uses the Great British Bicycle Bubble to teach us about investing scams.
  • Looking for a new investment? Check out what has been going on with sports cards. (Axios)
  • Looking for podcasts to listen to this weekend? Here are two from Knowledge@Wharton that are on my list (or you can read the transcripts if you prefer.)

Why is the Stock Market so Strong when the Economy is Weak?

Why the Rothification of 401ks would hurt retirees.



  • Walmart+ is hoping to give Amazon Prime a run for its money. How do these and other delivery services compare? (USA Today)
  • How much time and money are people saving by not commuting? (Marketplace)



  • To follow-up on last week’s article in the list on school lunch programs, the USDA has reversed itself and will allow school lunches to continue to be served for free and to all students (regardless of where they are enrolled—so a parent can show up to one school and get lunches for all of their children). (The Counter)



  • How will Apple’s new “opt-in” privacy rule change things for Facebook and other developers who connect ads to users. (Reuters)

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