Just One Resource - INTERACTIVE: Invest With STAX!

Oct 30, 2018
Just One Resource
Just One Resource  


In this weekly blog post, the Curriculum team will highlight Just One Resource from our NGPF collection that maybe doesn't get the attention it deserves. Use it this week or bookmark it for later. 

[The Resource]  INTERACTIVE: Invest With STAX!

The Gist: Your students will get to make 20 years worth of investing decisions...in 20 minutes. Are you ready??

The Best Parts:

  • More than just individual stocks: Students get a more holistic view of investment opportunities available to them and explore CDs, savings accounts, bonds, index funds, and more! 
  • Competition! Students can compete against each other and see who is "building the largest stax" on the leaderboard throughout the game (if you play as a group). 
  • Learning: Throughout the game, mini-tutorials pop up to teach students about the different types of investment opportunities so they know what they're getting into. 
  • Engagement: We PROMISE your students will be engaged and will walk away with a deeper understanding of what type(s) of investment opportunities to use in their future. 

BONUS: Watch this video by NGPF Fellow Brian Page to learn about his Top 10 Tips to implement STAX in your classroom

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