Just One Resource - PROJECT: Plan a Friendsgiving Dinner

Nov 18, 2018
Just One Resource
Just One Resource  


In this weekly blog post, the Curriculum team will highlight Just One Resource from our NGPF collection that maybe doesn't get the attention it deserves. Use it this week or bookmark it for later. 

[The Resource]  PROJECT: Plan a Friendsgiving Dinner

The Gist: In this Common Core Standards-aligned project, students plan a potluck Friendsgiving dinner, comparison shop for ingredients, and create an expense report via spreadsheet to track their “spending", just in time for this week's holiday!

The Best Parts:

  • Students get to plan a friend-shared event! They must practice their collaboration and decision-making skills to all come to an agreement on their dishes and budget for the grand feast, which will spark awesome conversations around balance and negotiation. 
  • Your students will practice their Spreadsheet skills! We have created a "Recipe Expense Report" and a "Friendsgiving Dinner Budget" spreadsheets for your students to practice entering and data, as well as exploring equations with relative cell references.
  • The final product includes a formal project submission with a cover page, menu item recipes, expense report, dinner budget, and a collaborative collection of reflection questions that gets students thinking further about the cost of eating a shared meal together at a home compared to eating at a restaurant. 

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After graduating with a statistics major at UC Davis, Abby set off to Massachusetts to teach algebra 1 and geometry and enjoyed working with the curious and creative minds of high school students. She is passionate about helping students recognize and develop their strengths and leadership skills. She was instrumental in taking the high school cheer team to regional competitions, as well as elevating school spirit and pride through creating unity amongst the study body and educators. Back in the Bay Area, Abby is excited to work with other educators to build and share content to enhance the teaching experience in applied math and finance.