Just One Resource - ROLEPLAY: Sign Up for a 401(k)

Feb 11, 2019
Just One Resource, Investing, Retirement
Just One Resource  


In this weekly blog post, the Curriculum team will highlight Just One Resource from our NGPF collection that maybe doesn't get the attention it deserves. Use it this week or bookmark it for later. 

[The Resource] ROLEPLAY: Sign Up for a 401(k)

The Gist: Students play the role of a new college graduate who has to pick investments in their first ever 401(k)!

The Best Parts:

  • Students see how much money they have in their monthly budget to allocate towards their 401(k)
  • Students take a Risk Tolerance Assessment and use the results to determine how much money they should put towards stocks and bonds 
  • Once they've decided an allocation strategy, students use performance data (remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results!) to select individual funds for their 401(k)


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 Our new investing game, STAX, simulates 20 years of investment decisions in 20 minutes. 

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