Introducing... MATH MONDAY: Math Resources for Financial Educators!

Sep 13, 2020

Each week on the blog, we'll publish a new MATH MONDAY post, which will include math resources that you can review and use to bring math to life for your students! This week, we're kicking off with 3 helpful resources to get you started.

 1. NGPF's Math Collection! We're super excited to share the new Math Collection with you and supplement your instruction with practice problems that connect math concepts to real-world money scenarios. You can check out these activities by going to the menu bar at the top of our website and selecting: Curriculum >> Math Collection. When we teach and learn math, there's so much that's abstract. But with these math word problems, every variable has real meaning! Consider incorporating these activities in your class if you teach math and need a hook that'll connect math to money, or if you're a financial educator who wants to bring a bit more academic rigor into your course.


2. Treat for Teachers: Listen to this week's NGPF Podcast episode where Tim chats with the Math Summer Team about what to look for when using these activities:


3. For Your Learning: Want to practice calculating the AMORTIZATION formula? Join Abby for this week's Virtual PD on How to Calculate Personal Finance Formulas on Thursday at 3pm PT to learn about amortization - the topic that you all voted for during the end of last week's session! 

About the Author

Abby Alcala

After graduating with a statistics major at UC Davis, Abby set off to Massachusetts to teach algebra 1 and geometry and enjoyed working with the curious and creative minds of high school students. She is passionate about helping students recognize and develop their strengths and leadership skills. She was instrumental in taking the high school cheer team to regional competitions, as well as elevating school spirit and pride through creating unity amongst the study body and educators. Back in the Bay Area, Abby is excited to work with other educators to build and share content to enhance the teaching experience in applied math and finance.