Nov 19, 2018

Tech Tool Review: DocHub Google Extension

Today features a Tech Tool Review from Jacqueline Collins of Mansfield High School in Mansfield MA. Here's what Jacqueline has to say...


Tech Tool: DocHub Google Extension


DocHub Google Extension Cost: Free


Use Case: Teachers often have PDF documents that are not editable for their own use or for student assignments. By installing the Google Chrome extension DocHub, PDFs become a canvas for a multitude of assignments.


Implementation Guidance for DocHub Google Extension:

What are Chrome Extensions? “Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser.” Students must sign into Google Chrome in order to install any extension. Going forward, the students must be signed in to access the installed extensions as well. Once logged into the Google Chrome browser, go to the Google Chrome Webstore and install the DocHub extension. Attach the desired PDF to a Google Classroom assignment that you’d like your students to modify. In this example, my students watched a TED Talk and modified the TED Talk Grid.

PDF Editing Instructions

  1. Right-Click on the PDF and open it in a new tab. Hover over the PDF to open it with DocHub.

      2. When finished adding your responses, click on the download/export icon in the top/right corner.

     3. Select Google Drive and rename your file to match the Ted Talk we just watched.


4. Add this new PDF file to the assignment for grading and submit.


Pitfalls to Avoid when using DocHub Google Extension:

  • Be sure to verify that all students have DocHub installed properly. Rarely, a student will not be able to install DocHub while all of the other students are able to. This will require a conversation with your technology department to check the student’s security settings.
  • Verify that students are logged into Google Chrome before attempting the assignment. If students are not logged in, they will not have access to DocHub and will not be able to edit the PDF document.
  • Walk students through completing a trial run of editing a PDF document via DocHub before requiring it on an assignment. I like to show students a lighthearted but related, TED Talk to give them an opportunity to fill in a PDF document for practice.





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