Nov 26, 2018

Tech Tool Review: QR Codes, Vocaroo Website, Snapchat

Teachers who attend our Summer Institute in Palo Alto become NGPF Fellows the following school year -- this Fellowship includes presenting with us at PD sessions, offering NGPF feedback on products, writing guest blog posts, ... the list goes on. Today features a Tech Tool Review from Kelly-Anne Rush of Windham High School in Windham ME. Here's what Kelly-Anne has to say...

Tech Tool: QR Codes, Vocaroo Website, Snapchat

Cost: Free

Use Case: 

Students are asked to research various consumer savings tips and create a flyer with a recording in which they explain ways in which people can save money on everyday expenses. They use the website Vocaroo to record their explanation and turn it into a QR code. The code can then be scanned using a free QR code reader (or Snapchat which has a reader built in) on a smartphone or laptop and students can listen to one another’s recordings.

Implementation Guide: Students will need a computer or phone that has a speaker to record. They will then visit the website and will create a recording. This is free and no registration is required. The recording is then saved to their computers or phone as a QR code which can then be placed on their flyers. Flyers are created using any word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Students must download a free QR code reader on their phone in order to listen to the recordings. The popular social media app ‘Snapchat’ also has a built-in QR code reader.

Pitfalls to Avoid: 

  • It’s a good idea to create a recording/QR code together in class to show the students how to use Vocaroo and then how to scan and listen to a QR code. Any student who does not have a smartphone to scan the QR codes can also use a free QR code scanner if they have access to a Macbook or an iPad. Here is a link to a free scanner:
  • Students will also need headphones in order to listen to each other’s recordings. I keep a box of extra headphones I’ve purchased from the Dollar Store in my classroom for any who may forget theirs on the day they will be listening to each other’s recordings.

(Student sample of the Consumer Savings Flyer)

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