Question of the Day: How much more per hour does a college grad earn compared to someone with some college?

Apr 11, 2018
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Answer: About $13 per hour MORE (or over $26,000 per year)


  • Why do you think that college grads earn so much more than those who start but don't complete?
  • How has the wage premium changed over the last 40 years? Do you think this wage premium will increase or decrease in the future?
  • Your friend says that spending $20,000/year to go to college isn't worth it when you can get a job now that pays $25,000. Agree or disagree with him based on the data in the chart. 

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Behind the numbers (from NY Times):

If anything, the consequences of failing to complete college seem to be increasing, as the economy becomes ever more technologically advanced. Since 2000, the average inflation-adjusted wage of workers with some college credit but no degree has actually fallen, by 2 percent, according to a recent report by the Economic Policy Institute. The average wage of college graduates is up 6 percent.


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