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Jun 15, 2015
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Want to test your personal finance knowledge and see how you stack up? Take our quiz and find out!

We know the NGPF community contains incredibly smart personal finance educators, professionals and passionate individuals. Well now, you can find out if you truly know more than your peers.

Using the Qzzr platform, NGPF is going to offer 2-3 quizzes every month that will test your knowledge of personal finance.

Where do I find them? 

Right on our homepage along the left side, always starting with the title “Test Your Knowledge”

Why should I take your quiz?

  1. They’re quick, fun and a great chance to prove your smarts!
  2. At the end of every month, we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card for the person who answers the most questions correctly
    • To be eligible to win, you must enter your email address. We only collect the email address to tie your results to you. We will never use it to send you promotional materials, or sell it to a third part.
    • Don’t want to enter your email? You can still take as many quizzes as your want (you just can’t win a gift card).

What are the steps?

  1. Take the quiz on our homepage
  2. Enter your email (to be entered to win $50 from Amazon)
  3. Share the quiz (via email, Twitter and Facebook)

About the Author

Andrew Furth

Andrew comes from a family of educators, and joined Teach for America after graduating from UCLA with a degree in English. During his three years teaching Social Studies, in both rural Arkansas and urban San Francisco, he realized the potential of online tools to amplify the reach and impact of learning for teachers and students. Andrew joined NGPF in 2014, bringing his educational expertise to designing lessons while learning on the job how to manage his own finances (which comes in handy in San Francisco, where the crazy rent means budgets are always tight).