NGPF Podcast: Dr. David Weill on restoring work-life balance after a career in transplant medicine

May 14, 2021
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I know that you will enjoy this conversation with Dr. David Weill who recently penned his memoir, Exhale: Hope, Healing, and a Life in Transplant, about his experiences as a transplant doctor. This one was extra special for me since I know Dr. Weill as a former neighbor, as someone who entertained me for hours while cycling on Saturday mornings and as my go-to trusted medical advisor when family health issues arose (and an NGPF Board member too). I found this conversation and his memoir to be such a revelation of the high stress environment he thrived in for decades until he didn't. His journey to hope and healing can serve as a roadmap for all those who, while loving the work they do, struggle to manage that delicate work-life balance part. Enjoy!


  • 0:00~6:49 Current Events with MissBeHelpful: Entrepreneurs & Executives
  • 6:49~7:18 A word from NGPF
  • 7:18~10:09 Introducing this Week’s Guest: Dr. David Weill, former Director of the Center for Advanced Lung Disease and Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program at Stanford University Medical Center
  • 10:09~10:49 Working as a transplant consultant
  • 10:49~12:30 Key ingredients for a high performing team
  • 12:30~13:53 Motivation to write Exhale
  • 13:53~16:02 Career path to becoming a transplant doctor
  • 16:02~19:46 How the transplant waiting list works
  • 19:46~21:04 Complexity of lung transplant operations
  • 21:04~21:46 Aftercare for patients
  • 21:46~25:00 Lack of metrics to evaluate transplant program quality
  • 25:00~29:43 Dealing with the high level of stress
  • 29:43~35:13 A passage from the book
  • 35:13~40:11 On letting go of control 
  • 40:11~43:00 Lessons learned from the patient experience 
  • 43:00~44:56 The strength of bonds formed with patients
  • 44:56~46:53 Tips for folks struggling with work-life balance 
  • 46:53~48:14 Conclusion



  • “I think the mistake I made during my last period at Stanford that I would caution listeners against is isolation… I would tend to come home and stick my nose in a book or turn on a sports game and isolate myself because I didn’t have anything more to give. I think what one should do in the situation is the exact opposite: connect more deeply with the people around them.”



Educators with NGPF Accounts: you are eligible to receive a free copy of Dr. Weill's book: Exhale: Hope, Healing, and a Life in Transplant. With 100 available you will want to complete this Google Form today. Books will be shipped in mid-June. 

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