Question of the Day: What percent of investors think the stock market is "rigged" for individual investors?

Mar 29, 2021
Question of the Day, Investing

Hat tip to Todd Mora for suggesting this question. 

Answer: 56%


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Behind the numbers (Bankrate):

The survey shows that 56 percent of investors either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement “The stock market is rigged against individual investors,” compared to just 41 percent of non-investors. Overall, 48 percent of American adults either somewhat or strongly agreed with the statement...

The Bankrate survey revealed that more than 39 percent of American adults had no money invested in the stock market either before the pandemic or currently.

“32 percent of Americans not invested in the stock market say it is because they don’t understand stocks,” says McBride. “Being a stockholder means being a part-owner and being able to share in the future profits of the firm.”


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