Question of the Day [Women's History Month]: How much more successful are women than men when it comes to investing rate of return?

Mar 28, 2021
Question of the Day, Investing

Answer: Estimated at a better rate of return of up to 1.2%!

[S&P 500 geometric average for last 50 years is 10.65%]


  1. How does a rate of return difference as little as 1% impact investments over time?
  2. What are some best practices when it comes to investing?
  3. If you were going to invest, what strategies and types of investments would you focus on? Why?

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Behind the numbers (

"Several studies back up that claim that women investing in stocks are better at it than men. One of the more commonly cited ones comes from Fidelity Investments, which analyzed over 8 million client accounts and found that women outperform men by 0.4%.

At first glance this may appear to be a minor difference, but can have a significant impact over time," said the study, which was published in 2017.

A Barclays-sponsored Warwick Business School study found an even greater gender-based outperformance: 1.2%."


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