It's Tax Time: How About Some Videos To Engage Your Students?

Apr 15, 2018
Taxes, Video Resource

Here are three videos (with three questions for each) that do a good job of engaging your students with a "not so easy to engage" topic:

  • PBS 2 Cents Project: How do your tax dollars get spent? [4:34]
    • What is the FICA tax that gets deducted from your paycheck? 
    • How do today's tax rates compare with tax rates over the last 100 years?
    • What are the three largest items that get paid from federal income taxes? 

Hear Philip and Julia, producers of 2 Cents, on this NGPF Podcast

  • Your Tax Dollars At Work from We The Economy
    • What are the three areas where most of our tax money goes?
    • What areas surprised you the most when it came to where tax dollars are spent? 
    • What are the heart vs. mind arguments for various federal expenditures? 
  • If Paychecks Could Talk (National Priorities) [3:16]
    • What are the three components of federal income (revenue)?
    • What are the three categories of spending outlined in this video?
    • What makes up the largest amount of discretionary spending?
    • What are examples of how federal spending benefits YOU?


Looking for more videos to engage your students? Look no further than the NGPF Video Library! 








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