Press Release: 84 U.S. High Schools Receive NGPF Gold Standard Challenge Grants for Ensuring All Students Receive A Personal Finance Course

Jan 20, 2020

Palo Alto, Calif., UPDATED: Sep 04, 2020 - Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), a non-profit committed to ensuring that ALL students leave high school with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex financial world, is pleased to announce the first 84 schools that are groundbreaking recipients of the NGPF Gold Standard Challenge grants. Together, these schools serve over 65,000 high schoolers who will soon graduate with the financial education they deserve.

The NGPF Gold Standard Challenge rewards and recognizes high schools that commit to ensuring that all students receive a one semester personal finance course before crossing the graduation stage. Each of the schools (and the teachers who led the efforts) are listed below and have received board approval for a one semester personal finance course to be taken by ALL students with implementation to take place over the next several years. [Links below indicate published guest posts on the NGPF Blog from teacher and/or admin recipients, which tell the story of how each grantee accomplished the graduation requirement in their school or district]. 

  • Julius Prezelski, Mount Saint Joseph High School (Baltimore, Maryland) 
  • Mark FiedorczykLenape Valley High School (Stanhope, New Jersey)
  • Barbara Angelicola-ManzolliLewis S. Mills High School (Burlington, Connecticut)
  • Sue ComparatoSwampscott High School (Swampscott, Massachusetts)
  • Joe RussomMenasha High School (Menasha, Wisconsin)
  • Jennifer JonesSam Rayburn High School (Ivanhoe, Texas)
  • Lynn Paulson, Rosholt High School (Rosholt, Wisconsin)
  • Lana MainWest Central School (Hartford, South Dakota)
  • Teresa Eick George, Alden-Hebron High School (Hebron, Illinois)
  • Cathy Smith, Bayfield High School (Bayfield, Wisconsin)
  • Dan ClementSomers High School (Somers, Connecticut)
  • Jill Clayton, Roxboro Community High School (Roxboro, North Carolina)
  • Katie KohoutekLidgerwood High School (Lidgerwood, North Dakota)
  • Melissa Wiese, Reedsville High School (Reedsville, Wisconsin)
  • Jim Hatfield, Mt. Vernon High School (Mt. Vernon, Indiana)
  • Mark Rairigh, Bryan City Schools (Bryan, Ohio)
  • Jessica Mueller, Baraboo High School (Baraboo, Wisconsin)
  • Kevin Gartman, Montezuma Community Schools (Montezuma, Iowa)
  • Alana Eder, Oconto High School (Oconto, Wisconsin)
  • Diane Schumacher, Iowa City Schools (Iowa City, Iowa) [4 high schools]
  • Patrick Kubeny, Rhinelander High School (Rhinelander, Wisconsin)
  • Gary Wroblewski, Wayne County Schools (Wayne, West Virginia) [3 high schools]
  • Christine Boulé, Seton Catholic High School (Plattsburgh, New York)
  • Stephanie Esser, Lincoln Senior High School (Alma Center, Wisconsin)
  • Christina Blindauer, Roncalli High School (Maitowoc, Wisconsin)
  • Kyle Ebel, Dodgeville High School (Dodgeville, Wisconsin)
  • Jill Page, Glasgow High School (Glasgow, Montana)
  • Patricia Bealmear, New Oxford High School (New Oxford, Pennsylvania)
  • Julie Giglia, Whitman-Hanson Regional High School (Hanson, Massachusetts)
  • Kim Lorenz, Hatton-Eielson Public School (Hatton, North Dakota)
  • Susan Miller, St. Vincent St. Mary High School (Akron, Ohio)
  • Dawn Woychik, Independence High School (Independence, Wisconsin)
  • Sharon SteinkeOsseo-Fairchild High School (Osseo, Wisconsin)
  • Christina Lutz-Doemling, Catasauqua Area High School (Catasauqua, Pennsylvania)
  • Amber Krapp, Pingree-Buchanan High School (Pingree, North Dakota)
  • Melissa Kapustka, Loup City Public Schools (Loup City, Nebraska)
  • Joey Zocher, Escuela Verde (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  • Michael Cassidy, Mount Horeb High School (Mount Horeb, Wisconsin)
  • Michael Kosmalski, Prescott High School (Prescott, Wisconsin)
  • Kathleen Brennan, Mount Saint Mary Academy (Watchung, New Jersey)
  • Kenneth Bissell, Greensburg-Salem High School (Greensburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Victoria De Roner, Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter (Sewickley, Pennsylvania)
  • Leslie Stewart, Springfield High School (Springfield, Colorado)
  • Christie Woods, Horton High School (Horton, Kansas)
  • Shawn Hulin, Centreville High School (Centreville, Michigan)
  • Patricia Lindeman, RTR Public Schools (Tyson, Minnesota)
  • Catherine NasonEllicottville Central School District (Ellicottville, New York)
  • Susan Bistransin, Prince George's County Public Schools (Prince George's County, Maryland) [32 high schools]

“Behind each of these schools' and districts' adoption of a personal finance requirement is a story: a story of a teacher, an administrator, a board member, a student, a parent group whose passion, commitment and persistence led to this amazing and much needed accomplishment,” said NGPF Co-Founder, Tim Ranzetta. “I’m excited to see the momentum behind this initiative occurring across the United States and the community rallying behind Mission: 2030. We have a decade to work together so that by 2030, all high school students will refer to personal finance as 'the class that they are so glad they had.' "

Each school awarded an NGPF Gold Standard Challenge grant receives up to $10,000 to support their personal finance program as they scale up to reach all their students. Each district encompassing 3 or more high schools receives up to $30,000 to support their new graduation requirement across all high schools within the district. NGPF originally committed $1 million to this grant program, to run through January 31, 2021, and doubled its original grant allocation to $2 million in June 2020. 

About Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), has become the "one-stop shop" for more than 35,000 financial educators looking for high-quality, engaging curriculum to equip students with the financial skills they need to thrive in their future. NGPF now reaches over sixty five percent (65%) of U.S. high school students who attend a school where a teacher is using their curriculum. NGPF has been recognized by Common Sense Education as a “Top Website for Teachers to Find Lesson Plans.” NGPF partners with the community of personal finance educators to achieve Mission: 2030. That is, by 2030, all high school students will cross the graduation stage having taken a personal finance course that developed the financial skills they will need to thrive in the future. 

NGPF will provide periodic updates as more grants are awarded through the NGPF Gold Standard Challenge grant program, a $2 million grant program to catalyze the Mission: 2030 movement. Additional details, including requirements, are available here

About the Author

Christian Sherrill

Christian comes to NGPF from the world of classroom instruction, where he was a teacher for three years at a public middle school in El Sobrante, California. After leaving the classroom, he joined math tutoring company, Zeal Learning, to help grow their educator-facing sales and marketing efforts. He's no stranger to making a dollar stretch - while living in the Bay Area on his teacher salary he paid down over $40k in student loans in the span of 3 years. He's thrilled to share those lessons with teachers and students around the U.S.