Dec 19, 2023

Best of 2023: Top Questions of the Day

Published every Monday-Thursday during the school year, Questions of the Day are the ultimate bell ringer and help spark student conversation and curiosity. See which 10 questions students and teachers most wanted to know the answer to in 2023.


The 10 Most Popular Questions of the Day in 2023

  1. How much can a creator on TikTok make if their video receives one million views?
  2. What percentage of college graduates work in their field of study?
  3. If you earn $40,000, how much will you pay in federal income taxes?
  4. How much does an artist make for every one million streams on Spotify?
  5. Guess the percentage of each age group that has their driver's license: 16-year-olds? 18-year-olds?
  6. What percent of lottery winners eventually go bankrupt?
  7. What percent of high school students have considered vocational/trade schools?
  8. What percent of people age 65-74 are still working?
  9. Over a recent 20-year period, what percent of professionals investing in large companies "beat the market?"
  10. How much does an average overnight hospital stay cost?

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