Jun 25, 2021

Reading List for June 25-28



  • This week’s new jobless claims remained virtually unchanged at 411,000. At this point, it is probably helpful to look at 2019 numbers, which averaged 200,000, to measure progress of the recovery. Yahoo Finance
  • What is going on with these persistent unemployment claims? The Bonddad explains.
  • The Fed’s preferred measure of inflation, the PCE, rose to its highest level since 2008 in May, but it is largely “noise. (NYT)
  • A top economist explains just how complicated this inflation picture is. (AP News)
  • Housing market is showing strains of demand. Yahoo Finance
  • New home sales drop to a one-year low in the wake of rapidly increasing prices. (Reuters)
  • Many companies are calling their workers back into the office between now an Labor Day. (USA Today)
  • Now that people are facing the prospect of going back to work, they are rethinking that commute! Many are quitting to find something else. (WSJ)



  • S&P hits record high this week, and the rest of the Friday morning market roundup from Yahoo Finance.
  • Visual Capitalist has an interesting layout of infographics on post-Covid trends to watch.


  • Who are the highest paid public (state) employees? Not the Governors. (ESPN)


Paying for College

  • Quick resource recapping all the ways to pay for college. (Inversant)


Financial Infidelity

  • Do you know everything you need to about your partner’s financial life? Many don’t. (MarketWatch)





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