Mar 12, 2021

Reading List for March 12-14


  • The pandemic recession was highly unusual in that personal savings increased during it, and increased a lot! (Irrelevant Investor)


chart from the JP Morgan Guide Retirement.


  • Weekly initial jobless claims of 712,000 were the lowest since November. (Yahoo)


Economics-Rescue Plan

  • Michelle Singletary explains a) what you need to do to get your third stimulus check, and (WAPO1) b) the (tax) implication for parents of the Rescue Plan. (WAPO2)
  • The Washington Post also provided an interactive child tax credit calculator. 
  • Here are the same topics covered by CNBC if you prefer (payment and child tax credit).
  • And NerdWallet has suggestions for how to handle this third check if you really need it, and if you don’t.



  • GameStop stock went nuts again this week, rising 40% on Monday to $194.50, and continuing through Wednesday, when it hit as high as $348.50 before dropping 40% in 25 minutes. (Reuters, CNBC)
  • After talk of correction, the Dow and S&P hit new records on Thursday. (Yahoo Finance)
  • Coupang (think South Korean Amazon) held its IPO Thursday, the largest Asian company to do so since Alibaba in 2014. (BBC)
  • What will happen to all of those companies that we mentioned over the past year in our “pandemic winners” category? (NYT)
  • A record was set yesterday for the sale of an NFT (non-fungible token, aka digital asset, in this case, a jpg or a collage.) (CNBC)
  • In case you are looking to refresh the investment wisdom you preach in class, this Humble Dollar post uses some familiar adages.



  • 2020 may prove to be a challenging year for some folks filing income tax returns.  Here is some important and helpful tax information. (NYT)



  • Medicare enrollment questions answered here. If you know anyone working past 65 with coverage from work, check this out. (Investment News)



  • Over $20 billion was donated to Covid-related causes this past year. For a breakdown, check out Candid.


Vaccine (not finance, but important info)

  • “The best vaccine is the one you can get.” If you want to know more about the differences between them (what is known today), check out this article from Slate.

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