Reading List for October 9-11

Oct 09, 2020
Economics, Investing, Credit Cards, Paying for College


  • Jobless claims over 800,000 last week. (Yahoo Finance) (Graph below)
  • “Last hired, first fired? Employment losses across age groups.” It is not a pretty picture for young workers. (FRED)
  • If you ever wanted to live in NY, it hasn’t been this cheap to rent an apartment in Manhattan since 2013! (Bloomberg)
  • On the other hand, Denver is a hot real estate market. (CNBC)



  • On one hand: Warren Buffet values dividends. (USA Today)
  • And on the other hand: Investor Cathie Wood’s big bet on Tesla is paying off. (Forbes)
  • McDonalds US sales recovered in the third quarter with a little marketing help from rapper Travis Scott. (CNBC) (CNBC)
  • Bitcoin anyone? Jack Dorsey of Square not only offers Bitcoin payments on his platform, he invested $50 million in it! (The Block)


Managing credit/budgeting

  • Venmo fans, this card may be for you! Venmo is launching a credit card that sounds pretty cool. (Verge)
  • Third-party buy now, pay later, or the modern version of “layaway plans,” is explained in this Moneywise article.


Paying for College

  • Both HerMoney and the New York Times emphasize the need to file the FAFSA early and offer some tips.
  • Inside Higher Education analyzes the last 15 years in student debt.
  • Could the solution to the soaring cost of higher education be solved with an academics-only option? The pandemic experience has raised the possibility. (Inside Higher Education)

Book Club

  • If you missed the Speaker Series featuring Morgan Hensel, you can catch it in this NGPF podcast. His latest book, The Psychology of Money, was just reviewed by the New York Times.

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