Reading List for May 18-19

May 17, 2019
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Financial Literacy

  • New GFLEC study was released and teachers support mandated personal finance. (PRN Newswire)
  • Tony Isola gives his take on the likely success (or lack of it) of mandated personal finance classes. The issue is not with the concept or the teachers…it is more about the structure of schools.

Education/Higher Ed

  • The Higher Ed headlines move from Varsity Blues to SATs new score. An “Adversity Score” being added to SAT scores. The student won’t know what this score is. (NYT) For some interesting stats and graphs: (Inside Higher Ed)
  •  On a related note, this article includes data on race, class and educational attainment. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Sean Decatur, President of Kenyon College, writes eloquently on educating “for a higher purpose.” (Kenyon College)


  • Are you confused about all this China Tariff talk? Skip the politics and get to the nuts and bolts of how tariffs work. Global Macro Monitor
  • I can’t say I thought I’d send you to JAMA for an economics lesson, but here is an interesting look at price elasticity: what happened to sales of soft drinks in Philadelphia when they taxes these drinks at 1.5cents per fluid ounce? (JAMA)
  • The US hasn’t seen birth rates this low in 32 years. Why does that matter (for economics)? (NPR)


  • First up: Post IPO blues abound.
  • UBER and Lyft : (Fortune)
  • Pinterest: (MarketWatch)
  • Ten-year returns no longer include the giant market drop of the Great recession. Wrap your head around that math. (NYT)
  • What does the Disney/Hulu/Comcast divorce mean for consumers (and investors)? (Vox)


  • Borrowing to pay rent? A new startup wants you to do just that. This could make a great debate topic: (Mansion Global


  • The WhatsApp hack explained here: (Bloomberg)
  • Parenting with tech is tough! Its almost impossible to stay a step ahead of your kids. (WSJ)
  • Here is a guide to FinTech for older folks (and their adult children) (WSJ)
  • Here is a great video on how smart phones negatively impact our ability to focus (WSJ)


  • Does Amazon have a deal for you (if you already work there)! (CNBC)



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