Sep 29, 2021

Top 5 Interactives Posts: Summer 2021

Each week on the NGPF blog, we highlight a new, engaging interactive. In each of these posts, we summarize the interactive, provide suggestions for classroom discussion, and include a complementary NGPF student activity or teacher professional development opportunity on the topic.

Here are the 5 most popular interactive posts from the summer of 2021: 

#1 Dark Patterns At Work: Do you ever feel like you are being manipulated on websites? Unfortunately, dark patterns are all too prevalent on websites and apps. What's a Dark Pattern? Play Terms and Conditions, and you will never look at a website quite the same way again.

#2 Reading a Pay Stub: This interactive helps students understand their pay stubs. It's simple, engaging, and can be used in a wide variety of classrooms.

#3 Social Salaries Calculator: Using various industry estimates, LICKD has created a social salary calculator to uncover how many social media engagements are needed to earn the desired salary entered into the calculator.

#4 Your Financial Personality Type: This interactive is easy for students to use to help them understand their own financial personality.

#5 Making Budgeting Simple and Illustrative: It can be a challenge for students to visualize what money can buy during a budgeting activity without investing significant class time to allow for students to research each choice. This budgeting tool is a simple way for students to see what they can buy in suburban, rural, and urban settings.

Here are the 5 runner ups from the Summer of 2021:

Blog post


Complementary NGPF Resource

Interactive: Your Financial Well Being

Behavioral Economics

Question of the Day: How Much Money Do You Need To Earn In Your State to Be "Happy?"

Interactive: A Family Budget


COMPARE: Select a City to Live In

Interactive: Jobs Charted by State and Salary


PROJECT: How Can I Get To My Dream Job?

Interactive: Bank Comparison Tool 

Checking; Saving

COMPARE: Select a Financial Account or Product

Interactive: Per Inpatient Day Hospital Expenses


DATA CRUNCH: Are Americans Worried About Unexpected Medical Bills?


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