Curriculum Insider: 3 Middle School Lessons if You're Teaching In-Person Again

May 12, 2021
Middle School Tips

Many teachers are returning back to the classroom to teach their students in person or in a hybrid fashion. We know how challenging this transition can be, so here are THREE lessons we recommend using from the NGPF Middle School Course that are perfect for in-person or hybrid facilitation! 

#1: MS-1.1 Personal Finance Decision Making

As the first lesson in the NGPF Middle School Course, this lesson has students explore the behaviors and reasoning behind their money decisions. It's a great lesson to not only kick off the course, but also to round out the school year if you haven't already done it! Students learn about different money personalities and then engage with each other in the PLAY activity which encourages a lot of classroom discussion - perfect for in-person and hybrid instruction!  



#2: MS-3.5 Case Study: Let's Make a Budget!

Looking for a fun, discussion-based lesson to do with your students? Look no further than lesson 5 in the Middle School Course Budgeting unit! Featuring a case study, this lesson has students apply everything they've learned about budgeting and make real-world recommendations to help Shaun guide his younger cousin Virgil through his budgeting process. 


#3: MS-9.4 Career Exploration

As students are winding down for the school year, have them explore what a future career can look like through this lesson! Help students better understand various factors to consider when choosing a career through the article that's featured in the lesson. Then, have them look at the starting and median salaries for two careers in the Data Crunch so they can look at how pay can progress over one's career. This lesson is sure to spark engagement and lots of conversation amongst your students as you dive back into in-person and hybrid instruction! 



We hope these lessons help you and your students transition to in-person and hybrid learning! You can check out more middle lessons from the Middle School Course here

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