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Videos, Videos, Videos

Jul 23, 2017
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Stumbled upon this video trove on Ozy this morning that had some short, relevant and engaging videos that I thought your students might enjoy. Many of them ask provocative questions that can be good entry points for a class discussion: Future of Money (3:03) In your own words, what is bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Why is it popular? What is an example of an “intermediary” in the money business that bitcoin is trying to eliminate? Where do you think that you will keep your...

Video: How Can We Overcome Our Behavioral Biases Against Saving?

Jul 12, 2017
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Hat tip to Vikram Parekh of USAA (podcast upcoming) for highlighting the work of one of his favorite behavioral economists, Shlomo Benartzi of UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. In this 17 minute TED video, Shlomo highlights the hurdles to saving and how he designed a savings program (“behavioral economics on steroids”) to overcome these challenges. He provides some good examples that you might use with your students to show how our behavioral biases cause us to fall short of...

What Are People Reading on the NGPF Blog?

Jun 26, 2017
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Getting close to the end of June, so I thought it was worth checking our website analytics to see what new blog posts are garnering attention as the school year wound down in many parts of the country. Here are the top 5: What is Bitcoin and How Does Cryptocurrency Work?: A Primer; NGPF’s newest team member, Hari Vasu-Devan tackled this challenging topic by providing educators with information they can access when the inevitable student query comes, “Should I be investing in...

Do Your Weekly Lunches Cost You $90,000 in Retirement Savings?

Jun 14, 2017
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“US households spent $3,008, or about $8.35 a day, on average, eating out in 2015… Investing $3,008 each year… would add up 30 years later to… more than $250,000.  Similarly, investing $3.50 a day for 30 years instead of buying a latte would add up to savings of nearly $107,000”. (USA Today, June 2017) _________ We all know that it is hard to save enough for retirement.  Financial education teachers also know that students sometimes struggle to relate decisions...