Dec 25, 2023

Best of 2023: Top Blog Posts

More than 11,000 teachers rely on the NGPF Blog Digest to stay current on all things personal finance, get lesson ideas and, of course, receive Questions of the Day and weekly Interactives and FinCap Fridays. Here are the top 10 most visited.


Top Blog Posts of 2023 (with the year the post first appeared)

  1. Interactive: Can you draw these logos from memory? (2020)
  2. Escape from the Haunted Mansion: A New Halloween Activity (2023)
  3. Useful Personal Finance Movies and Documentaries with Worksheets (2021)
  4. Question of the Day: What percentage of college graduates work in their field of study? (2019)
  5. Question of the Day: How much can a creator on TikTok make if their video receives 1 million views? (2022)
  6. My 9 Favorite Games & Interactives to Teach Credit (2020)
  7. Question of the Day: How much does an artist make for every 1 million streams on Spotify? (2022)
  8. One Strategy to Keep College Costs Down: Graduate In 4 Years (2017)
  9. 10 Ready-Made Sub Plans (2023)
  10. Feast and Finance: A New Thanksgiving Picture Puzzle (2023)


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