Dec 25, 2023

Best of 2023: Top Interactives

Students love to engage with their learning and these top interactive activities take engagement to another level. Here are the top 10 interactives curated by the NGPF team. 


Top 10 Interactives (with the year they first appeared)

  1. Can you draw these logos from memory? (2020)
  2. My 9 Favorite Games & Interactives to teach credit (2020)
  3. Interactive: S&P 500 Return Calculator (2022)
  4. Interactive: Can you identify the right shade of these logos? (2023)
  5. NGPF Arcade Game, Money Magic, Coming Soon [Released 1/24/20]
  6. Interactive: The Balloon Test measures your risk tolerance (2022)
  7. 5 Resources to Decipher the U.S. Debt Clock (2020)
  8. Interactive: Reading a Pay Stub (2021)
  9. Interactive: What does it take to succeed as an Uber driver? (2022)
  10. Interactive: Listed (guess the home's list price) (2023)


Want to see more Interactives? Check out the blog for the latest resources.

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