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Dec 26, 2018
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Want to use your holiday break to get some new ideas from innovative educators or build your content knowledge from an investing expert? I thought I would share with you the most popular NGPF podcasts based on the number of downloads. 

Top 10 NGPF podcasts (Educator category) of 2018:

  1. Jill Thompson (Kelly Walsh High School, WY) explains her strategy and tactics to increase access to financial education in her community
  2. Brian Bean (Tomball Memorial High School, TX) describes his entrepreneurial journey from the classroom to game developer
  3. Alan Gersten (Century High School, CA) shares how he develops entrepreneurial talent in his classroom through engaging simulations
  4. Kelly-Anne Rush (Windham High School, ME), a.k.a Crafty Teacher Lady, provides some great ideas on engaging activities that you can use with your students
  5. Brian Page (Reading High School, OH) describes how he spent the summer of 2018 and why he's so excited about the upcoming school year 
  6. High school students Neha Narayan and Stanley Jian explain why they are advocating for financial education in New Jersey
  7. Alex Tabarrok (George Mason University) talks about Marginal Revolution University
  8. Meir Statman (Santa Clara University) and Terry Odean (UC-Berkeley) discuss behavioral finance at NGPF Summit
  9. Aaron Standish (Palm Beach County School District, FL) explains how to implement financial education in K-12 district
  10. Paul Merriman shares what he has learned after lifetime of educating his clients about investing in the stock market

Top 10 NGPF podcasts (Context Expert category)  for 2018:

  1. Author JL Collins discusses financial independence and the F.I.R.E. movement
  2. Author Liz Thames discusses her book "Meet the Frugalwoods"
  3. Investing panel at the NGPF Summit with Jonathan Clements and Bill Bernstein 
  4. Canada's Youngest Retirees, Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen, share their secrets to leaving the rat race behind in their early 30s.
  5. Ritholtz Wealth Management's Tony Isola discusses better 403(b) plans
  6. Charley Ellis, an investing legend, shares insights from a lifetime of investing
  7. McKinney's Jenny Nicholson shares the creative process that went into building the award-winning game PAYBACK
  8. Collaborative Funds Morgan Housel, financial writer extraordinaire, uses analogies and story-telling to make personal finance more approachable
  9. Yanely Espinal explains how her passion for financial education led to creation of her Youtube channel
  10. PBS Two Cents Creators, Julia Lorenz-Olson and Philip Olson on their popular video series about personal finance


Here are my few of my favorite podcasts that I will be listening to this holiday season:


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