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Sid is currently a studying at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is the former treasurer of the Palo Alto Youth Council and leader of the Youth Friendly Business Initiative. He enjoys playing lacrosse in his free time. His dad is a money manager, gifting Sid with an early love for investing and personal finance. Sid uses his attention to detail and organizational skills to help NGPF with product launches.

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Videos (4): PBS NewsHour On The Future Of Work

Dec 06, 2018
Career, Video Resource, Employment
PBS NewsHour has been running an excellent series this week titled the Future of Work. These should be mandatory in high schools across America to help students grasp the changing world of work that they will be stepping into after high school, college or graduate school. For each of these 7-8 minute videos, we developed a set of questions to spark the conversation.   In rural Appalachia, can health care become the new coal?  Questions: Why is the need for improved medical care so...

Two NGPF Interns Took On the Payback Challenge: Here's How They Did!

Oct 13, 2017
Paying for College, Savings, Student Loans, Activities
Donnesh: The first quality about this simulation that stands out is how it gives the user the opportunity to blend their real life choices and starting position, with hypotheticals, to know exactly how much future decisions will cost. I saw what my potential earnings would look like with the major I’ve applied for and saw how my GPA and school really affect how much debt I’ll need to withdraw. I played this game 4 times to see how different choices led to different outcomes. ...

Aug 19, 2016
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