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Kathryn Dawson

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Math Monday: Exponential Growth in Investing

May 02, 2021
Are you looking for a way to make exponential functions relevant for your students? Over the next three Math Mondays, we’ll cover how to use NGPF’s MATH activities to teach exponential growth, decay, and compounding interest with real-world applications.  In today’s math activity, students will learn to calculate the exponential growth of different investments using the formula y = abx. Check it out in MATH: Exponential Growth in Investments or view the MATH Collection...

2 Differentiated NGPF Lessons for Special Education Students

Mar 02, 2021
Activities, Personal Finance
We are thrilled to welcome Kathryn Dawson to our team (learn more about her here). What I’m particularly excited about is her background in working with special education students. Kathryn was kind enough to differentiate two popular NGPF activities.  Modified Activity: Fine Print Pay Stub Kathryn added two strategies to this activity: annotating the resource (shown below) and scaffolding questions.  --------------------- Modified Activity: Read 25 Investing Basics Kathryn added...

Money and Marshmallows

Mar 01, 2021
Personal Finance
Please join me in welcoming Kathryn Dawson to the NGPF team as our newest Curriculum Designer. Kathryn shares what motivated her to join the NGPF team in this essay.  ------------------------------ When talking about personal finance, my mother–tenacious and resourceful–brings to mind the Stanford marshmallow experiment. The experiment promised children they would receive two marshmallows if they could refrain from eating the first for 15 minutes; it concluded children who could...