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After graduating from the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications in 2011, a documentary internship on master teachers led Tori into education. She taught English Language Arts for five years receiving high test results and accolades like Teacher of the Year. In 2017, Tori left the classroom and moved to the Bay Area to focus on helping school districts utilize technology to improve classroom instruction. While training educators on how to use learning management systems and educational software Tori discovered a passion for facilitating professional developments. This passion led her to Next Gen Personal Finance where she is excited to help spread financial literacy to teachers and students all over the country.

Author: Tori Mansfield

Lexile Level Blog Post #3: Unit Tests

Feb 18, 2020
Teaching Strategies, Tips for Teachers
On an online PD recently a teacher asked for the lexile levels of our unit tests, so for this week’s lexile level blog post we are going to analyze SC-1.0 Taxes unit test! Before we dig in, remember that a lexile level is a text’s difficulty for the reader.  Multiple Choice Questions NGPF’s unit tests begin with 25 multiple choice questions. These questions have four possible answer choices and cover the key takeaways from the unit’s lessons. Here is an example of a...

What Is NGPF Curriculum's Lexile Level? Pt. 2

Jan 29, 2020
Tips for Teachers
A few weeks ago NGPF published our first lexile level blog post and we are back again with a look into the lexile levels found in SC-1.2 Teens and Taxes. Before we dig in, let's quickly review what a lexile level is and how to determine it.    What is a lexile level?   A lexile level is a text’s difficulty level for the reader. During our research, we used a mixture of the following lexile readability tests to determine the text’s grade level, reading level, and...

What Is NGPF Curriculum's Lexile Level?

Jan 07, 2020
Tips for Teachers, Behavioral Finance, Teaching Strategies
What lexile level is NGPF’s curriculum? We’ve been getting this question a lot lately, so we are going to break down the different lexile levels in a NGPF lesson and give you teacher tips for differentiation along the way! NGPF’s curriculum is rigorous and we strive to prepare your students for college and adulthood, so our curriculum’s lexile levels have a wide range in the hope we are reaching all learners as they begin their personal finance journey. What is a lexile...

Tori Mansfield: Why I'm Passionate About Personal Finance Education

Nov 14, 2019
Personal Finance, Advocacy, Financial Literacy
I began teaching in 2011 as an English Language Arts teacher in Houston, Texas. Every morning as I left my apartment in downtown Houston and got closer to my school I noticed payday lenders and check cashing institutions on every corner versus the Starbucks on every corner I saw in my neighborhood. I saw them so often that I remember calling my mother and asking her, “What are payday loans?” She quickly explained to me what they were and why they were not a financially responsible...